Imago lacus

The picture above was taken by a dear friend, the American poet Debra Kang Dean (please do not use it without permission). I met Debra three years before, when I went to Walden to work with his late husband Brad, a great Thoreau scholar. Once we spent hours tracking this quotation: "Some men go fishing all their lives without ever realizing it's not fish they are after." We concluded that Thoreau never wrote it, but si non è vero...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Un coro ideal para 2013

Que ayude y aconseje como amigo
a los buenos, modere a los furiosos
y dé su amor a los que tienen miedo
de fracasar. Que ensalce los manjares
de una mesa sencilla, la justicia
saludable y sus leyes, los momentos
serenos en que se abren nuestras puertas.
Que guarde todo lo que le confíen
y suplique a los dioses y les rece
para que cuide de los infelices
la Fortuna, y descuide a los soberbios

I got this from a blog entry in which the new year is saluted by Ana Gorria with the Spanish translation (by his friend Juan Antonio González Iglesias) of a passage of Horace's Ars Poetica. Here it goes again, now in A. S. Kline's version:

It should favour the good, and give friendly advice,
Guide those who are angered, encourage those fearful
Of sinning: praise the humble table’s food, sound laws
And justice, and peace with her wide-open gates:
It should hide secrets, and pray and entreat the gods
That the proud lose their luck, and the wretched regain it.

Horace is writing about the ideal chorus, but may we also be like that!


  1. :-)
    qué bien que la cámara sirva para algo¡¡¡

  2. por supuesto que sí, Ana, ojalá ese coro seamos todos. Gracias y un beso.

  3. Sí, ojalá.

    Gracias por traerlo aquí, AC.