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The picture above was taken by a dear friend, the American poet Debra Kang Dean (please do not use it without permission). I met Debra three years before, when I went to Walden to work with his late husband Brad, a great Thoreau scholar. Once we spent hours tracking this quotation: "Some men go fishing all their lives without ever realizing it's not fish they are after." We concluded that Thoreau never wrote it, but si non è vero...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little poetics

Asko leunduz gero, metala ispilu bihurtzen da. Hala literaturan: ona denean, irakurleak bere burua ikusten du, ez egilearena.

A fuerza de bruñirlo, el metal se vuelve espejo. Así la literatura: cuando es buena, el lector contempla su reflejo, no el del autor.

You can make a mirror out of a metal sheet by polishing it. The same happens in literature: when it is good, readers see their own image, not the author's.

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  1. Me hizo recordar 'La muerte del autor' de Roland Barthes: el lector como protagonista de la escritura.